A baby shower and coming home for Christmas!

We had a busy day today. I went to work while Mark went to the weekly meeting of the ICT Team in the church. He is doing plenty of work for them on their website and database and is earning some money too so it’s all working out well.

After work we went to the Etihad office to book our tickets home. We went to the office rather than booking online as ADEC staff get a 20% discount but you need to book with the office to get it. We booked flights for the 19th Dec and 7th Jan. It’s exactly seven weeks away and we are excited to be going home to visit!

Some of our neighbours enjoy the baby shower!

Once the flights were booked we did the week’s food shopping before hurrying home as the people in our building were holding a baby shower for Kelly as her baby is due in about 3 weeks. Some of the others had decorated the apartment a little while Kelly’s husband Mike had kept her out for the afternoon and we had all contributed to some food and a gift for her. We played Baby Lotto, Baby Alphabet Race and another game where words associated with babies had been scrambled and we had to figure out what they were. Everyone in the building came and we all had a good time laughing and chatting. Kelly and her husband Mike we really delighted.

My antibiotics seem to be doing the trick – my throat is fine and my knee is improving. Now though, it’s bedtime once again! Masalam!



~ by sarahrailton on October 30, 2011.

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